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Sentient Brands is a culture of leadership and innovation. The essence of who we are is reflected in the innovative brands we develop. Our management team has a history of success building world-class brands that exceed consumer expectations in new and exciting ways. 


We are a next level product development brand management and operating company. A collaborative effort rooted in fashion, marketing, product development, social media and the highest echelons of branding, all coming together to create niche products that are relevant in the marketplace.


We build brands that are differentiators in a market crowded with me-too’s, we do this by pursuing a vision: something you have never seen - something you want to experience.

As a public company it is our mandate to create shareholder value through a well-executed, research driven business model. We create and operate next generation lifestyle brands with a passion for uniqueness, defined by our vision of what will become a stand-out in tomorrow’s marketplace. 

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