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James Mansour

Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer

James is an award-winning branding authority who works closely with Global Brands to insure success. 

He was instrumental in the development of many retail brands that became icons in the marketplace and multi-billion-dollar businesses including: 

Victoria’s Secret the #1Lingerie Brand in the world & Bath and Body Works the #1 Beauty Products Specialty Retailer in the world. He has also created award-winning work for 3M and Dupont Corian and others.


Mansour will lead the strategy, development and marketing of our brands across all media, providing clarity, consistency and engaging interactivity at every touch point with the customer.

George Furlan

Chief operating Officer

George brings more than 20 years of extensive expertise in building and expanding early stage, mid-tier & global brands. G.F. Partners his full service-consulting firm provides creative, strategic and operational support to a diverse range of fashion and lifestyle companies including, Fleur du Mal, Raleigh Denim and Post-Imperial.


As President of NAHM, he built the organization and infrastructure and  guided a successful global launch for Tommy Hilfiger. He relaunched Hugo Boss luxury division and directed it’s sales for the Americas. A director of sales and merchandising for Versace, George led sales, merchandising and marketing efforts for the USA and Canadian markets.


Kristin Kelly

Director of Social Media

Kristin spearheads the strategies that make our Direct to Consumer transactions possible. She is responsible for organizing and developing website and social-media marketing plans, then executing them. With a detailed understanding of each brand and its products, she develops commerce and social marketing plans to promote our brands to target customers. 


To remain relevant in an ever-changing digital marketplace, Kristin stays abreast of changes in the online marketing environment and makes necessary adjustments to our strategies. Past experience includes Fleur Du Mal and One Ocean Beauty.